Whether you are a member of the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters, or just a plumber looking to get into the profession, you may be wondering if you should sponsor an immigrant. Here’s the lowdown.
New Jersey

UA Local 9 of New Jersey has a history of sponsoring immigrants in the state. Members of the union have a strong spirit of brotherhood, and they are always there to support families in need, regardless of their union affiliation.

Gopal said that New Jersey was the first state to pass an environmental justice law, which requires regulators to consider cumulative pollution effects when renewing industrial permits. The union has also supported electrification proposals in the state. But now Gopal is the lead sponsor of a bill that would stop the state from requiring electric heating systems in buildings. UA Local 9 members would lose their jobs if mandatory electrification were implemented in the state.

as a Canoga Park Plumber noted spent $1.4 million in lobbying against electrification in the last two years. During that time, the association’s executives admitted that they have worked with gas utilities. The group also urged the audience to muster grassroots opposition to electrification. In 2021, the organization was the third-largest lobbying entity. Its spending increased by 979%.

Earlier this month, the United Association of Plumbers and Pipe Fitters (UA) announced that it would sponsor immigrants in Australia. As part of its affiliation with the Plumbers Trade Employees Association of Australia (PTEU), the UA will implement a variety of joint employment initiatives, as well as offer training in the plumbing and pipe fitting fields. It will also be a good opportunity to learn about Australian water conservation practices. In addition, Australian instructors will travel to Ann Arbor, Michigan, each year to conduct the UA’s annual week-long training seminar.

The UA said it was important to share best practices with other plumbing and pipe fitting unions as global standardization occurs. The association has already begun collaborating with the PTEU for six years. The agreement will allow the two unions to streamline the building industry, and reduce the shortage of skilled workers in the field. It will also open up new avenues for the North American workforce to find employment in Australia.
About the UA

UA Local 91 is the oldest union in Birmingham, Alabama. It has been the leader in efforts to improve the industry in Alabama.

UA’s members are also involved in charitable activities throughout North America. In addition, the union has a partnership with the AFL-CIO labor federation. Its mission is to protect its members’ safety and health. The union provides many training programs to prepare its members for their careers.

Aside from training, the UA is also committed to developing long-term relationships with its industry partners. This leads to more successful projects and more job opportunities for its members.

United Association has approximately 355,000 members in North America and Canada. They work on projects ranging from public buildings, roads and schools to factories and refineries. Their trades include plumbers, pipe fitters, sprinkler fitters and sprinkler technicians.

The union has a national pension fund that is funded by employer contributions under collective bargaining agreements. In addition, UA has 300 local unions across the United States and Canada.

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